Nyomo is a technology driven company that specializes in 3D printing solutions. Nyomo is responsible for manufacturing machines of the future such as the Minny, currently the smallest professional 3D printer in the world, and the Makyn, rated the best desktop 3D printer, as well as Unyk, the comprehensive 3D printer software that will create products like no other. With its headquarters in Hong Kong, the company has satellite offices in China, Vietnam and Singapore. For past few years, Nyomo has been OEM manufacturing professional 3D printers for traditional medical brands and is now launching its own brand.


We are the only company providing full end to end solution with software (inclusive of all you would need) and more than 8 professional 3D printers’ models and post curing tools. We have over 10 types of materials to print, including but not limited to medical certifed materials, jewelry, and other professional materials. Also inclusive is a high-tech R&D team with extensive experience in the production of, intricacies of, and performance of each 3D printer.


Noteworthy elements that have made us who we are and have set our company apart from others include: 

  • Multiples solutions for different industries
  • Partnerships: We take pride in the partnerships that we have thoughtfully developed and maintained in order to provide our customers with the very best product and service. The partnerships that we have established, including those in the dental, jewelry, and tool industry, among others, have been able to assist us in being able to continually evolve our services in order to achieve widespread effectiveness and distribution of our product.
  • Costumer focus: Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We are constantly striving to improve our product in order to best serve you, the consumer.