Lowest Cost, Most Eco-Friendly 3D Printer




Matrix 300+ Benefits


  • Unmatched Affordability Mcor Technologies material costs are a fraction of the cost of other technologies making it affordable for all environments.
  • Accessibility The Matrix 300+ 3D printer makes 3D printing and rapid prototyping truly accessible with material that you will find in your office supply shop.
  • High Resolution can be achieved on the Matrix 300+ producing models that are both realistic and have fine detail.
  • Improved Speed The Matrix 300+ 3D printer is now up to 3 times faster.
  • Ease of Use The Matrix 300+ has a user friendly interface making 3D printing easier than ever—as easy as printing on paper!
  • Eco-Friendly The Mcor Technologies process uses letter/A4 paper and a water-based adhesive which makes the output eco-friendly.
  • The Feel Factor Models straight out of the Matrix 300+ 3D printer are tough, durable and eco–friendly and meet a wide range of form fit and feel requirements.


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